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Step 1

Open this image  as is and double click on “background” layer to make it editable, rename the layer to “girl” then adjust Levels and auto adjust Curves to lighten the

image a little bit.

Step 2


Extract the girl from the black background, and add a new Fill layer below “girl” layer.


Step 3

Paste this picture by hotblack as a background into a new layer named “forest”, go to Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All and using the Gradient Tool, paint a Radial Gradient 

White – Black on the layer mask.

Step 4

Create a new layer above all the other, name it “Light” and fill it with a Reflected Gradient White – Black and adjust the curves as shows the image below to add more light stripes. Distort the layer using Transform options and Command (Ctrl) + Click on the corners. Then change layer’s Blend Mode to Saturation, and Opacity to 45%.

Step 5

Select “Girl” layer, then using the Lasso tool, select an irregular shape over girl’s face. Copy the selection and paste it into a new layer named “Face”.

Step 6

Select “Girl” layer once more, then using the Lasso select the entire body, take special care on the neck, make the selection rounded there, you can follow the necklace 

shape to make it right. Copy and paste the selection into a new layer named “Body”.

Step 7

Duplicate “Girl” layer and hide the original. Select “Girl copy” and using the Burn Tool darken girls’ neck, chin and cheek.

Step 8

Select “Girl” layer once more, select and copy a little piece of forehead, hair and ear. Copy and paste it above “Face” layer.

Step 9

Next, select “Body” layer and select a section of the arm and cut it. Hiding “Girl copy” layer you’ll see how it looks. Then make visible “Girl copy” once more, and using the burn tool darken some areas of “Girl copy” layer. Repeat this process as many times as you want in several places.

Step 10

Download this image by henry_azui, select a long piece of chrome metal and copy it. Paste it into a new layer between “Body” and “Girl copy” layer, Feel free to 


Step 11

Select a bended piece of metal, Rotate it, Warp it and place it as a robotic mandible. Remember, put this metallic piece between “Body” and “Girl copy” layers.

Step 12

Duplicate the previous metallic part. Adjust the Lightness on Hue / Saturation window to make it darker. Transform it and place it as the right side of the mandible.

Step 13

Select and copy a little engine’s piece. Paste it, resize the shape and place it somewhere over the mandible.

Step 14

Paste the previous metal piece again, warp it as you want to place it as the girl’s chest.

Step 15

Continue adding metal, this time select a thin piece and paste it twice as shown in the image below.

Step 16

Add more metal on the chest.

Step 17


Step 18

Next, grab this picture of some colored wires, extract them from the white background and place it above “Metal” layers (I put all the metal in a folder by the way) and 

below “Body” layer. Put as many copies of the wires as you want.

Step 19

Select “Girl copy” layer, select the dark part behind the metal and wires and delete that selection.

Step 20

Select the clone tool and a tiny brush. Select “Body” layer and clone some skin areas over the knees, chest and dress to increase the cut out illusion.

Step 21

Use the dodge tool to create a peeled border effect.

Step 22

Create a new layer below “Body” layer and using a big soft black Brush, paint some shadows to increase the deep sensation.

Step 23

Merge all the layers, or put all the layers into a folder, name it “Image” duplicate it and merge it. Duplicate the copy and Blur it a little bit, then apply a Radial Gradient 

Layer Mask to the blurred copy.

Step 24

To increase the dramatic effect, add a Gradient Map adjustment layer (#0F2344 – #A2B5F0). Change its Blend Mode to Overlay and opacity to 55%.


Finally add further details, I’m adding a fibers texture on top, some text and a spark. Is up to you now!


Photoshop PSD files


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