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Put the finishing touch to your card or invitation design by creating personalised envelopes with one of these brilliant templates.

If you’re designing your own invitations, letterpress business cards, writing a letter to someone special, or even if you’re a collage maker, the chances are you’ll want to design your own envelopes too. There are lots of cool envelope templates available to download online so we scoured the web to find these eight top designs to get you started.

01. Tie-string envelope

Designer Kate Lilley’s website offers two different template sizes for these tie-string envelopes

Kate Lilley of Minieco is the lady behind this charming envelope template design. “I do confess that I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about string-tie envelopes,” she says. “They seem impossible to get hold of though so I thought it would be fun to make my own.” And, rather generously, Lilley has provided templates for two sizes of tie-string envelope.

Download tie-string envelope template here

02. Classic envelope

Choose your paper design and then download this classic envelope template for your invitations

Download this free, classic envelope template and either trace around the design or print it directly on to the back of your envelope paper. After folding, the envelope is 5.75in x 4.5in and holds a 5.5in x 4.25in enclosure (a quarter of a letter-sized sheet).

Download classic envelope template here

03. Basic envelope

Download this basic envelope and card template from designer Melissa Esplin

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting envelope template you’ll have ever seen but that’s kind of the point. It’s basic, plain and just waiting for you to put your stamp on it. There’s also a printable card available to go in this design by Melissa Esplin.

Download basic envelope template here

04. Wood envelope template

These wooden envelope template designs come in many different sizes to suit your needs

Check out this cool, Japanese antique-style envelope template. The design – a beautifully crafted raw wood-grain template – comes in a many different sizes to suit your needs. Available from Etsy, prices for the template start at $4.50.

Purchase wooden envelope template here

05. Mini envelope

Download this free mini envelope template for all your little trinkets

Designer Jessica Biscoe has created this free downloadable envelope template for little things. After gift wrapping her smaller jewellery items in dinky 7cm x 10cm brown envelopes, she decided an injection of colour was needed so made her own template to use with patterned paper instead.

Download mini envelope template here

06. Gift envelope

Add a personal touch to presents by designing your own gift card and envelope with this design from Amy Moss

This small envelope template is perfect for gift tags for that someone special. Graphic designer Amy Moss also created templates for cards and liners to go inside this design. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, these are are perfect for impressing a loved one.

Download gift envelope template here

07. Envelope template kit

If you want envelope templates of all sizes to to suit all occasions, take a look at this kit from Paper Source. It contains traceable plastic templates to make envelopes in these sizes: #1 Baby, 4 Bar, A2, A6, A7, 5 3/4in square. For a one off payment of £15, your envelopes will never be ordinary again.

Download envelope template kit here

08. CD envelope

Personalise your photo and music CD envelopes with this free template from Mirkwood Designs

If you’re a photographer, why not design your own CD envelopes, making them both stand out and act as a valuable advertising tool. This free template by Mirkwood Designs will allow you to do just that. Just choose some card to score out the envelope, add your design, and insert the CD!

Download CD envelope template here


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