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Create Stay On Top Nagging Menu with CSS3 and jQuery

Hace un tiempo estuve buscando por todas partes esto, hoy que lo veo por casualidad quiero compartirlo para quien lo necesite.

In the project I was working on recently I had a chance to experiment with CSS3 and jQuery. You know CSS3, right? It’s that thing that makes all those beautiful and amazing things on the web and makes Flash want to run away and hide. Yeah, that CSS3. And I’m more than sure you have heard about jQuery. If you haven’t, well, it’s a kind of library where you cannot borrow any books, but it allows you to do other stuff and bring some additional magic to the web.

Anyways, I ended up mixing those two which resulted in this cool effect. I found it really useful and hope you will too, as you can use in on almost every website that has some sort of menu – and let’s face it, most do.

The video below will show you what you’ll be making and how to do that. Unfortunately, since I had only 5 minutes for this, I focused only on the jQuery part. Everything else you need for this you will find in the tutorial below. You can also hit the “Live Demo” button to see the final effect yourself.

NOTETo fully enjoy all of this extravaganza, you need to see it in a browser based on WebKit engine – Safari andChrome being the best ones. Current version of Firefox doesn’t fully support it, not to mention Opera, or IE.


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