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Como diseñadores siempre estamos buscando tipografías curiosas, modernas, retro, elegantes, etc, para adaptarlas a nuestros diseños, en esta ocasión he encontrado por la nube una recopilación hecha por creativebloque  de las 100 mejores tipografías gratuitas. Aquí les dejo el post.

The best free fonts, from vintage-inspired typefaces to slap-you-in-the-face slab serifs, for Windows and Mac, for a range of design projects.

We’ve scoured the web to present you with a fine and varied selection of free fonts. Including scripts, serifs, and a range of ligatures, these fonts will give you greater flexibility in your designs, and add to your arsenal of design tools.

This list represents the 100 best free fonts we’ve found in a variety of styles. However, for specialist fonts that won’t cost you a penny, read these:

Some of the free fonts listed below can be used on your web projects, but please be sure to check the terms. Now, without further ado, join us as we present you with 100 of the best free fonts, which you can download and use today. Let us know how you get on!


01. Dense

Dense currently only comes in Regular but there’ll be more weights to follow

One of our favourite free fonts to recently surface, Dense is a versatile, elegant, geometric and compact sans-serif typeface. Three weights have been created thus far: thin, regular and bold. Created by Canadian artist Charles Daoud, Regular is currently the only weight available, but Daoud has said that he’ll update his Behance page with news on how to get the other weights in the near future.


02. Henny Penny

 Henny Penny
Henny Penny is a load of fun but retains clarity and legibility

Designed by Olga Umpeleva in 2012 for Google Web Fonts, Henny Penny is an offbeat display font, named in honour of the fairy-tale character chicken Henny Penny.

Offered by independent type studio Brown Fox, the team describes the design as “a friendly and playful decorative typeface. Its classical nature is successfully hidden behind its very informal structure: There is no common baseline, no common character size and no common slope of the letters. This makes the typeface very amusing. Henny Penny is a headline typeface for using in display typography. It may be used for children’s books, magazines and websites.”


03. Higher

Higher comes in both TTF and OTF formats

Created by Portugal-based graphic designer Marissa Passos, free font Higher was made as a student project during her time at the University of Porto. The typeface contains a full set of uppercase characters and numbers 0-9. It’s free for both personal and commercial use, and available in OTF and TTF formats.

Format: OTF and TTF

04. Look Up

 Look Up
Filiz Sahin creates another brilliant free font

New York based interactive designer and illustrator Filiz Sahin is quickly becoming known for her free fonts. Often experimenting with an array of different techniques, her fonts are as versatile as her own design style. Look Up is one of the most playful free fonts on our list, with a home-made feel, with little arrows at the edge of each letter.

Format: TTF

05. Woodwarrior

Woodwarrior is the perfect font for eye-catching headlines

Woodwarrior is a typeface inspired by the north, and the contrast between modern man made structures and untouched nature shaped by wind and ice alone. Created by designer Anton Bohlin, Woodwarrior is one of those free fonts that’s perfect for experimental headlines and eye-catching straps.

Format: TTF

06. Fenix

Free font Fenix is designed for display and long texts

Graphic designer Fernando Diaz describes this entry to our free fonts as a “serif typeface designed for display and long texts, its foundations are based in calligraphy, with strong serifs and rough strokes. Its proportions seek to gain space in height and width. Fénix is elegant at large sizes and legible at the same time, with a lot of rhythm in small sizes.”


07. Woodshop

This free font comes complete with a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters

Earlier this year, Pennsylvania-based graphic designer Nick Slater released this Woodshop typeface, which he generously offers as a free download. The slab font comes complete with a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.


08. Quirky nots

 Quirky Nots
There are no restrictions when using this free font

Toronto based typographer Amit Jakhu created this fun and playfully unique typeface for his Typography 6 class. He released it as one of the hundreds of free fonts out there, because he wouldn’t have further developed it after finishing college – and we couldn’t thank him enough!

It was a huge learning curve for Jakhu and we think he’s done a great job for a first timer. He’s happy for you to modify it, share it and basically do whatever you want with it. It is fully available to use anywhere; no restrictions!


09. Vincent

This free font was Suarez’s first fully functioning typeface

Vincent was developed by graphic and product designer for NBC Universal Ben Suarez. Created at the end of last year, this vintage-inspired design was Suarez’s first fully functioning typeface, and is a great addition to our free fonts.

“Vincent was intended to be used as a title font,” explains Suarez. It was “named after my grandfather who drove a ’76 Chrysler Cordoba and smoked out of an old wooden pipe. He was rad.”


10. BoB

A playful font perfect for headlines, BoB is available as a free download

Inspired by the playful asethics of illustration, Burma-based typographer Zarni has created this cool and characterful font. This kind of typography is perfect for experimentation and will work wonders on posters and headlines.

Coming in capital and lower case letters, BoB also includes numerical symbols as well as a variety of punctuation marks. As free fonts go it has plenty of uses – just be sure to show Zarni some love.


11. Biko


Biko is a design by graphic designer and visual artist Marco Ugolini: “a geometric sans serif with a strong and yet friendly character”. The name is a tribute to Steve Biko: a South African anti-apartheid activist. Perfect for display, copy text and logos, it’s available in regular, and black versions. It’s also one of our free fonts that’s only gratis for use in personal projects, while you can purchase the font for 20 Euros for commercial use. So, what are you waiting for?


12. Linny

This cute free font is based on the designer’s real handwriting

This, one of our cutest free fonts, was designed by Maya aka Linny. It’s based on Maya’s own handwriting and comes in upper and lower case, as well as numbers and punctuation.


13. Parisish

Free font Parisish by George Williams

This is one of the most elegant free fonts, and was created by type designer George Williams; it has the feel of old Paris about it. One of 57 fonts created by the designer, this is one of his most popular, having received over 200,000 downloads. It’s free for both personal and commercial uses.


14. Baron

Baron is an uppercase display typeface, free for personal and commercial projects

Created by graphic design student Frank Hemmekam, this is one of many may free fonts designed for display, and Hemmekam describes it as “a free uppercase display typeface inspired by the classic sans serif font families. This typeface is, because of its many alternative options and weights, perfect for usage in posters, logotypes and headlines.” Baron is free for both personal and commerical use.


15. True Love

 True Love
Davide Cariani’s free font was inspired by old school tattoo typography

Davide Cariani is a UX designer and web developer with a passion for typography, which led to him creating this entry in our free fonts list. True Love was created in his spare time and his first type experiment. Inspired by old-school tattoo fonts, glyphs available include letters, numbers, dash and dot.


16. Flex Display

 Flex Display
Free font Flex Display is available for both personal and commercial use, although donations to the author are greatfully received

Developed by young designer Álvaro Thomáz, this is a thin geometric display font, available for both personal and commercial use, with donations to the author greatfully received. With a passion for typography, Thomáz specialises in font and logo design.


17. Calendas Plus

 Calendus Plus
Free font Calendas Plus was created by the team at Spanish design agency atipo

Calendas Plus is an improved version of atipo studio’s first typeface, calendas. The team at the Spanish design agency completely redrew the font with new ligatures and includes a full glyph set. You can download this, one of our growing list of free fonts, simply by sharing news of the design on Facebook or Twitter.


18. GoodDog

Free handwriting fonts
Incorporate this curly, decorative font by Fonthead Design into your personal projects

A contemporary and decorative font, GoodDog was created byFonthead Design. The curly typeface is a popular choice, having been download almost a million times since its release. The font comes complete with a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and characters.


19. Brush Hand New

 Brush Hand New
Brush Hand New is a refinement of Edwin W Shaar’s Flash Bold

Brush Hand New is a free brush font based on Flash Bold, a typeface created by Edwin W Shaar in 1939. K-Type‘s New version simplifies, lightens and smoothes out ragged edges. Outlines are improved to remove any remaining harshness, resulting in softer, smoother flowing glyphs ideal for titles and display purposes.

Format: TTF

20. Kilogram

Free font Kilogram was based on Nick Curtis’ Anagram

This font was created by KalleGraphics and based on Nick Curtis’ font Anagram. The bold design includes a full set of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. Free for personal use.


21. Construthinvism

This free typeface was inspired by Russian Constructivism and Cryllic characters

Pedro Fernandes and 4838Design are collectively responsible for free font Construthinvism. Fernandes describes the design as being “inspired by the Russian Constructivism, Cyrillic characters and Alexander Rodchenko”.


22. Molesk

Download the free font Molesk to add a vintage touch to your designs

This vintage-style inclusion in our free fonts rundown was designed by communication and multimedia student Pedro Lobo. A slab serif font with shadows on the right, the design includes a full set of upper-case letters, numbers and a selection of special characters.


23. Bigmouth

A simple tweet is all the creators of Bigmouth ask for in return for this download

What’s that? You want even more free fonts! Well, say hello to Bigmouth: a font by Timo Kuilder of Twelve Twenty. The typeface is available in both regular and bold versions. All the Timo asks for in return for the download is a simple tweet (click the ‘Pay with Tweet’ button on the top right).


24. Tracks

Free font Tracks Type will look great when used for headlines and posters

Tracks type is all caps fonts and alphabet only, inspired with railway tracks slash, static, dynamic, and clean. It was designed by Indonesia-based design student Gumpita Rahayu and is available in two different styles – medium and slanted. This font was designed for display purposes, so will look great when used for headlines.


25. Ziamimi

Another free font that’s perfect for your headlines and poster designs

Ziamimi is a gorgeous font that comes in capitals – making it perfect for headers and eye-catching statements. Its sleek finish allows it to really stand out as one of the best free fonts we’ve come across. It also comes with numbers and a few punctuation marks.


26. Dooodleista

Download this font for free if you’re looking to experiment!

Why Doodle? This question can be answered with two simple words – for fun. This is the first and most important rule that designer Filiz Sahin has set out for anyone that uses one of the quirkiest typefaces in our free fonts list. We love its playful style and doodle art feel.


27. Klinic

Support your fellow designers and donate cash towards these brilliant fonts

In four weights (and italics), the eight-font Klinic Slab family is one of Lost Type‘s most comprehensive releases to date. A contemporary, versatile slab serif, Klinic is a workhorse that marries personality and functionality. Designed by Joe Prince, it’s free to download, but if you decide to use it then we’d encourage you to make a donation.


28. Albert

Designer William Suckling was inspired by Victorian signage and lettering when developing new typeface Albert

Albert is the latest offering from 22-year-old, London College of Communication design student William Bayley Suckling. One of many designs created by the talented creative, Albert is a new decorative headline typeface, inspired by Victorian signage and lettering.


29. Muchacho

‘A western-style serif font with quirky legs’ – Jeff Schrieber on Muchacho

Designer Jeff Schreiber describes his typeface Muchacho as “a western-style serif font with quirky legs”. Based in the Netherlands, Schreiber’s design contains all capital letters, numbers, diacritical marks and most punctuation marks. Muchacho is a free version of his Wild West-inspired typefaceGringo.


30. Cylburn

Download Cylburn at Lost Type Co-op

You can find semi-connected script font Cylburn on Lost Type Co-op. Designed by Dai Foldes, the artist comments on his creation: “Cylburn is a semi-connected script, structurally based on Roundhand but written with a pointed brush and restrained tension that separate it from its traditional roots.” Like many free fonts there is no charge for personal use, but donations are gratefully recieved.


31. Lovelo

Coming with two line versions, this is the perfect font for headlines

Designed by Austrian typographer Renzler Design, the Lovelo font is a remake of the original Lovelo Inline. It’s a geometric sans serif typeface with two line versions, making it an eye-catching choice for any large text or headlines. As always, the font is free but there is a donation option if you’d like to show the designer your appreciation.


32. Komoda

Komoda is a great free display font

This great free font is Komoda by Polish designer Joanna Angulska. “Komoda is a display, sans serif typeface suitable for headlines, editorial and poster design,” she comments on Behance.


33. Fairview

Fairview is one of the many great fonts available on the Lost Type Co-op

Fairview is a condensed sans serif, with small cap alternates, inspired by the industrial lettering of the 20th century. Designed by Riley Cran for the Lost Type Co-op, the font comes in uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuation. There’s also a donation option with this font, so be generous and show your appreciation!


34. Zwodrei

Another brilliant font for headlines and larger texts

Perfect for personal headline use, Zwodrei was designed by 27-year-old German based graphic designer Lukas Bischoff. After graduating from his studies of communication design at the University of Applied Science, Lukas has gone on the create some beautiful typefaces – including this one!


35. Distractor

Use for personal projects and be sure to let Simon know how you got on

Distractor a new typeface designed by London-based graphic designer Simon Stratford. Loosely based on Bevan, the inspiration behind this font was the old letterpress styles and hand printed lettering – a passion of Simon’s. Use for personal projects and be sure to let Simon know what you think of it!


36. Linux Libertine

 Linux Libertine
Featuring more than 2000 glyphs this Times alternative is great – and free!

Linux Libertine was designed by the Libertine Open Fonts Project and, according to Wikipedia, ‘aims to create free and open alternatives to proprietary typefaces such as Times Roman’. The font is licensed under the GNU General Public License and the SIL Open Font License, and contains more than 2,000 glyphs and includes character sets such as the Greek Alphabet, Cyrillic script, and Hebrew.


37. Museo Sans 500

 Museo Sans 500
Museo is extremely popular, and you can get two variants for free

This extremely popular font is part of the Museo family of fonts, and you can get both the Sans 500 and Sans 500 Italic versions for free. You can either get one desktop license, one web font license for 500,000 page views, or a combination of the two. Registration is required to access the fonts.


38. Museo Slab 500

 Museo Slab 500
Museo Slab is a weighty font that packs a serious punch

If you thought a free Museo sans font was good, we’ve also got two Museo Slab variants to accompany it. If you’re looking for an impactful heading font, this could be it. As with the Sans versions above, you can either get one desktop license, one web font license for 500,000 page views, or a combination of the two. Registration again required to access the fonts.


39. Lobster

Snap up this Lobster font! That’s right, it’s a pun so good we’ve used it twice

We love Font Squirrel. It’s a brilliant resource for free fonts, and this is one of its hottest properties over the last few years. Chances are you’ve seen this font, and never realised that you could use it both on and offline at no cost. Lobster is a compact and legible calligraphy-based script font that works in both upper and lowercase, and can also be used on the web. Definitely one to snap up!


40. Bevan

Ultra-bold web fonts don’t always translate to screens, but this one does

This is Vernon Adams‘ reimagining of a traditional 1930s slab serif by Heinrich Jost. The letterforms have been digitised, reshaped and optimised for the web, with more open counters and stronger stems to ensure that Bevan functions as an ultra-bold display font that suits modern browsers.


41. Typode

Check out this experimental new font created by typographer Santiago Ortiz

You’ll either love or hate this experimental new font created by typographer Santiago Ortiz. Typode’s characters are defined by coordinate, which means you can skew, stretch and twist the font to your heart’s content.


42. Govote

You can download this font free from the Words are Pictures website

Craig Ward, a British designer and art director based in New York, is known primarily for his pioneering and experimental typographic works. He created this free font last year in support of the GoVote campaign, which aimed to encourage people to vote in the US presidential election.


43. Langdon

Serious, solid and dependable; XML Telecom worked alongside designer Steven Bonner to create free typeface Langdon

Langdon is a free typeface from XLN Telecom and leading graphic designer, illustrator and typographer Steven Bonner. The result of the collaboration is a typeface that is solid, serious and dependable. Langdon is available as a free download and can be used privately and commercially with no restrictions on usage.


44. Bohema

Bohema by Joao Oliveira is an Art Deco font with a modern twist

An Art Deco font with a modern twist, Bohema was created by graphic designer and illustrator João Oliveira. Perfect for retro designs, Bohema is ideal for headlines, editorial letterings, branding, merchandising and special occasions. Available in eight distinct styles, payment is required for the full set but Oliveria generously offers the regular alternative style demo as a free download.


45. Airbag

Airbag is a slab serif typeface created by designer Simon Stratford

This trendy display typeface was created by designer Simon Stratford after he failed to find a free font online suitable for his artwork. The slab serif typeface is the Stratford’s first, the designer creating a full set of uppercase letters, numbers and a few special characters. And all he asks for in return for the download is a simple tweet.


46. Fail

Fail by Douglas Vitkausk does anything but

This grunge typeface does anything but what its name suggests, having been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times since its release. This is one of 129 fonts designed by Douglas Vitkausk, whose work has amassed over 12 million downloads collectively! Free for personal use only.


47. Ink In The Meat

 Ink In The Meat
Design a gorgeous text tattoo with script-style font Ink in the Meat. Illustration © Billy Argel

Type designer Billy Argel is the man behind tattoo font Ink in the Meat. Argel has created numerous fonts and this is one of his most popular downloads. The free version (for personal use) of this font is partial and doesn’t contain any numbers. Ink in the Meat commercial licenses are available on Argel’s website.


48. KanKin

KanKin is a contemporary sans serif free font by Alexey Frolov

The designer of this contemporary yet ‘old style’ sans serif,Alexey Frolov, claims it’s perfect for posters, logos, print and web. It’s certainly clean and bold, and it’s no surprise, given the nationality of the font’s designer, that the Russian characters look particularly good in this set.


49. Nexa: light and bold

 light and bold
The Nexa font family includes a number of styles and weights. Here you get two

The Nexa font family includes 16 styles and weights. The font family has great legibility, and works very well as a headline font. Here you get two parts of the family for free, and if you want the rest then you’ll have to put your hand in your pocket.


50. Grand Hotel

 Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel is a throwback to the 1930s, and has serious retro charm

Designed by Brian J Bonislawsky and Jim Lyles for Astigmatic, this font takes its inspiration from the title screen of the 1937 film Cafe Metropole starring Tyrone Power. It has a classic weight and subtlety that make you think of artisan signage and craft, but its cursive lowercase lends itself to a host of different uses.


51. Moonshiner

Moonshiner, an impactful heading font

Mattox Shuler designed this font in a few days, and it lacks accents and support for some common characters, but as a heading font – especially for graphic design work – it’s a great, free option.


52. Oranienbaum

Give your headings a classic look with Oranienbaum

Described as ‘modern Antiqua’ (a group of classic ‘old style’ typefaces), Oranienbaum has been created by Ivan Gladkikhand Oleg Pospelov. And as free fonts go, it’s a corker! Based on classics like Bodini, this font has pronounced serifs and makes a great headlines.


53. Barkentina

Elegant, art deco, and with a full set of Bulgarian Cyrillic letters

Touted as an elegant, Art Deco-style display face, Barkentina was created by Kiril Zlatkov. The font has a full set of correct Bulgarian Cyrillic letters, some lovely ligatures, and is packed with personality.

FORMAT: OTF (Free for personal use.)

54. Archive

Archive packs a punch as a headline font

This contemporary font has been created by Slava Kirilenko, a graphic designer from Kazakhstan. In the shape of Archive, he’s put together an impactful typeface, which is great for use in projects that require a ballsy display font.


55. Locksmith

You can grab this gorgeous font for the mere price of a tweet!

This gorgeous font was created by California based designerKenji Enos. Having worked on everything from print, web, motion graphics, animation, video editing and 3D modelling, it’s clear that Kenji has some serious talents when it comes to typography. You can grab the regular format of Locksmith for the mere price of a tweet or Facebook share!


56. RBNo2

You can grab the light and light alternative formats for free!

RBNo2 is inspired by late 19th century industrial fonts with German roots regarding straightness and geometry. Combined with other sans serifs, slab serifs and serif fonts it catches the eye when used in headlines and short copy texts.

Added to the regular styles the alternate versions will turn the font into a perfect partner for modern, technical and contemporary impressions as well as high quality, luxury and timeless environments. You can grab the light and light alternative formats for free!


57. Bariol

Bariol has already proved a massive hit with designers across the board

Designed by Spanish studio atipo, Bariol has already proved a massive hit with designers across the board. Crafted with versatily and readability in mind, the brand new, slightly rounded typeface is available in four weights.

The font is readable even at small scales and can be used as corporate typography, packaging design, infographics and even editorial design. You can download Bariol regular and italic for free by just paying with a tweet or you can get the complete font family from as little as €3!


58. Cubic Sans

 Cubic Sans
Try to ignore the whole ‘comic sans’ inspired thing…

This may not be the most readable font we’ve ever come across but we think designers could have a lot of fun experimenting with this one. Just try to ignore the whole ‘Comic Sans’ inspired thing… Created by Marc Vila, Cubic Sans is a new display font based on the original Comic Sans, created by modifing its strokes using a cube as a brush. It looks really geometric and gives the effect of a 3D typeface.


59. Geogram

Geogram uses geometric forms for some of its characters

Designer Filiz Sahin crops up a lot in this list and it’s easy to see why. Her experimental, quirky, and fun typefaces are perfect for playing around with and may even lead to some great work. Geogram typeface is a new font exploration based on modern shape geometric forms. The font contains lower case letters and numbers of the shapes. You can download the font for free but remember to ‘appreciate’ it on Behance!


60. Manteka

Manteka has proved popular with designers across the globe

Manteka is designed by Spanish typographer Eduardo Arayaand was crafted especially for use in print, but equally has a spectacular web performance. The free font has already proved very popular with designers across the globe.


61. Geared

Geared could be a versatile addition to your next project

Geared is an industrial inspired Condensed Slab Serif that comes in four weights – thin, regular, bold and extrabold. It was designed by graphic designer Ben Dalrymple and with such an extensive character set, Geared could be a versatile addition to your next project.


62. Johanna

We love the slight vintage feel to this one

Johanna is a modular typeface based on six basic modules and as a result, there are 147 glyphs of versatility in each style. It was created by Spanish graphic designer Adrià Gómez and also comes in an italic version. We love the slight vintage feel to this one and think it could be used best in web design. The colours that Gómez has used to showcase the font are also a brilliant touch.


63. Silverfake

This vintage font is presented in contemporary curves

Silverfake is a new contemporary slab serif wide free font designed Alexey Frolov, aka MRfrukta. This vintage font is presented in contemporary curves that make the font applicable for both retro and modern designs. Silverfake contains only capital letters but also some alternate characters are also included. Check back to Alexey’s site regularly, as he has a host of free fonts up for grabs.


64. Typometry

Emil manages to encorporate quite a surrealist style into this type face

This quirky font was crafted by Emil Kozole for a university project. A lover of ‘pretty colours’, Emil manages to encorporate quite a surrealist style into this type face. Typometry will be a great font to experiment with in a number of projects. The font is now a pro version with two weights, four styles and more than 220 glyphs that are available in both TFF and OTF format.


65. Che’s Bone

 Che's Bone
Filiz experimented with this font for Che and other dog lovers

This gorgeous font was created by Filiz Sahin. She says of the font, “My dog loves bones. I experimented with this font for Che and other dog lovers. It has round edges and condensed skinny forms. The corner of each letter has a bone shape which is Che’s favorite part. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!” It is free for personal and commercial use and Filiz would be grateful for credits!


66. Mood Type

 Mood Type
The project was inspired by Modern Swedish Furniture

This is another brilliant design from Filiz Sahin. The project was inspired by Modern Swedish Furniture, print mechanical instructions – crops, bleeds, and registration marks – as well as pop influenced ’70s fonts. This is an EPS font for display font purposes only, at the moment. There are no PostScript or OpenType versions available. Please do some nice and clean work.


67. Homestead

Homestead comes in uppercase only with numerals and punctuation

An evocative yet forward thinking slab, Homestead is another stunning creation from the guys at Lost Type. Inspired by their desire and need to explore, Homestead represents the ways in which we are always searching for the place to call home. Designed by Luke Lisi, Homestead comes in uppercase only with numerals and punctuation.


68. Habana

Bonnie didn’t only design the font but she also crafted the sultry illustration that showcases the typeface

Habana is a geometric sans-serif inspired by Cuba’s capital city. Available only in uppercase, this curvy offering was designed by New York based designer Bonnie Clas. What’s more, Bonnie didn’t only design the font but she also crafted the sultry illustration that showcases the typeface. That’s one talented lady right there!


69. CODE Pro

Code font is applicable for any type of graphic design

Code Pro is a font family inspired by the original Sans Serif fonts like Avant Garde or Futura, but with a modern twist. It is clean, elegant, and straight-to-the-point. Code font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics, etc – and perfect for T-shirts and other items like posters and logos. It also comes in a number of languages!


70. Adamas Regular

 Adamas Regular
Adamas only comes in upper case but we think it’s a great free font to experiment with!

Created by Romanian graphic designer Octavian Belintan, the Adamas style was first used by Greek and Latin writers for a stone of impenetrable hardness. Adamas only comes in upper case but we think it’s a great free font to experiment with!


71. Fabrica

Fabrica proves to be highly efficient for small screens

Created by Canadian designer Alvin Kwan, Fabrica was designed with one thing in mind: to create the most legible typeface for mobile screens. In a world where people read more text on their smartphones and tablets, rather than on actual paper, Fabrica is a typeface that’s well worth looking in to. Although the download is free for all, you can also donate however much money you would like to Alvin for his work.


72. Infinity

The name comes from guides for creating: they are similar to the number 8

Thai graphic designer Tarin Yuangtrakul mainly focuses his work on illustration, which has been exhibited in Bangkok, South Carolina and New York City. At the tender age of 20, Tarin is already making waves on the design circuit. Here, Tarin turns his hand to typography to create Infinity.


73. Makhina

Makhina free font is inspired by gas pipes

Nuno Dias is a graphic designer with a passion for typography and illustration. He is also the artist behind Makhina. “This is my second attempt on typefaces,” Dias comments on Dribbble. “I don’t have much experience yet, but this time I tried something more functional and simple. Inspired by gas pipes, the basic shape is a rounded square.”


74. Rex

It’s a caps font, but there is a difference between both caps and small caps

This three-weight font type is brought to you by the folks atFontfabric. Designer Svetoslav Simov, who is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded the independent type foundry back in 2008. Every week, a typeface is rolled out of production and is put up on the site to download absolutely free. Rex is one of those fonts, designed in three weights: light, bold and bold inline. It’s a caps font, but there is a difference between both caps and small caps, which can be seen in the examples on the website. It’s available for both personal and commercial use.


75. Haymaker

The inspiration for the typography design came from the workmanship, lettering and baseball jerseys of the 1930s and 1940s

Designer Trevor Baum created this vintage-inspired typeface. Proclaiming a love of bicycles, type and Jewish delis, Trevor wanted to create a font that was both rugged and refined, and we think he’s got the balance spot on. The inspiration for the typography design came from the workmanship, lettering and baseball jerseys of the 1930s and 1940s. The font comes in uppercase, lowercase, numerals and also contains punctuation.


76. Carton

Nick claims that Carton is ‘best served chilled’

Here’s another awesome find on Lost Type, the typography co-op that ensures its designers receive 100 per cent of the donations given for their fonts. This time, the typeface comes from talented Newcastle based graphic designer Nick McCosker. It only comes in upper case but we think that’s all a typeface of this kind needs. It’s immediately striking to the eye and will work really well with any titled-based designs; possibly less so in body text.


77. Nevis

The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes

Nevis is another fantastic typeface brought to you by Ed Merrittof Ten by Twenty. The website description is spot on: “Nevis is a strong, angular typeface and is ideal for headings, text, buttons and everything in between. It’s assertive and bold, but manages to retain a friendly tone, and looks especially good when used in all caps.” The font can be used for both personal and commercial purposes but it cannot be redistributed or sold. Although you can download the font for free, Ten by Twenty say they always appreciate a donation, however small. If you can’t do that, a link back to the site is hugely appreciated!



The designers are happy for you to use the font in any way that you wish

This font was created by Christian del Moral and Luis Armesilla. Both Madrid-based designers, Luis mainly focuses on motion and graphic design, but has a special interest in typography and lettering. Christian is heavily influenced by music and tends to illustrate in a child-like old school way. The designers are happy for you to use the font in any way that you wish. All they ask is that you send them an image of your work once you’re done with it! Take a look at this awesome video the guys created to showcase PLSTK’s capabilities.


79. Abraham Lincoln

 Abraham Lincoln
Frances creates stunning typography and has worked with book covers, leaflets and posters

There are no vampire hunters in sight, we’re afraid; just an awesome font created by designer Frances MacLeod. Originally from Wichita, Kansas, Frances creates stunning typography and has worked with book covers, leaflets, posters and more.

She created this Abraham Lincoln font to resolve a constant search for a condensed serif. The promotional specimen featurrs the font in use and folds out to a poster of Abraham Lincoln’s address to the 166th Ohio Regiment in 1864 on the reverse. You can see the examples on her personal website.


80. Fat Frank

 Fat Frank
The font is a big-boned and funky type

Fat Frank is a fun typographic design from graphic designer, illustrator and typographer Jeff Schreiber. The font is a big-boned and funky font with all digits, some diacritical marks, most punctuation marks and money signs that matter. Jeff also states that those who use this in Photoshop should make sure that the kerning is set to ‘Metrics’ not ‘Optical’, otherwise the kerning doesn’t work. You’ll find it in the Character window. We think Fat Frank would look stunning on print design – especially titles. It may be a bit too chunky for normal body text.


81. Ostrich Sans

 Ostrich Sans
The typeface comes in six styles, including Sans Light

And finally, we have this superb typeface created by New YorkerTyler Finck. Tyler has created a number of fonts and regularly allows designers to download them for free. He describes Ostrich Sans as an open source font family that he’s very happy to offer for free from The League of Moveable Type. The typeface comes in six styles, including Sans Light, Sans Regular, Sans Bold and Sans Rounded. It only comes in caps but we think that it’s the perfect font to make an instant impact.


82. Nougatine

Used for editorial and commercial purposes, Nougatine is a great all-rounder

First up in our list of best free fonts is Nougatine. Designed by 25-year-old Frenchman Fabien Laborie, the graphic designer describes Nougatine as “a titling font inspired by the smell of freshly baked cookies.” Delivered with 380 glyphs, a host of varying ligatures and a panel of alternative letters, it enables the power of versatility. Used for editorial and commercial purposes, Nougatine is a great all-rounder.


83. Valentina

It is compiled of 457 glyphs, with 125 alternative lower cases or the 46 ligatures

Produced by Spanish typographer Pedro Arilla, Valentina is described as a sincere tribute to his grandmother; which is where the name also stems from. A self-professed minimalist, Pedro created Valentina as a classic didone. Incorportating many antique Spanish techniques with influences of Bodoni, Valentina is great for editorial purposes. It is compiled of 457 glyphs, with 125 alternative lower cases or the 46 ligatures. With that flexibility, it really is up there with the best free fonts available.


84. Chunkfive

Chunkfive has all the ingredients for great headings and titles

Chunkfive derives from the team at The League of Moveable Type. With a motto of providing only the best fonts within the interweb, Chunkfive is a perfect example of their high standards. An ultra-bold slab serif, Chunkfive has all the ingredients for great headings and titles. The fact that it also contains lower case means that it could also work in body set text. If you’re looking for a vintage Americana feel, then Chunkfive is your guy.


85. Nomed

The font is perfect for compositions and comes in simple selections

Created by Medness, Nomad is one of the most unusual fonts we’ve seen at Creative Bloq. Based on a geometric triangle, Nomed really packs a punch when layered. The font is perfect for compositions and comes in simple selections of capital and lower case lettering. If you’re looking for a way to standout, Nomed may be the font for you.


86. Forum

The font’s intended use is for headings and titles

Designed by Russian graphic designer Denis Masharov, ‘Forum’ is just one of the many fonts this man is responsible for. Currently working for Time Out Moscow, Denis has been a professional typographer since 2008. The font’s intended use is for headings and titles, but we’re sure it would look great in set body text too! It’s classic feel is clear to see, with its clever arches and direct lines. If you love this font, we suggest you check out the rest of Masharov’s creations. The man’s a genius!

FORMAT: Google Web Font

87. Cassannet

The art deco typeface is available in bold, regular and outline weights

Released earlier this year, Cassannet is a gorgeous addition to our best free fonts list, which captures the essence of vintage Cassandre posters. The art deco typeface is available in bold, regular and outline weights. Containing ligatures, capitals, numbers, small capitals and also titling alternates, the font will be perfect for any purpose. You can be really nice and offer a donation to the makers or simply repay them with a tweet.


88. Accent

nstantly eye-catching, this font could do wonders for your designs

Brazilian graphic designer Nelson Balaban is known for his outlandish style and fun approach to typography. Accent is just one example of his exemplary work that has been featured in many editorial and commercial campaigns. On first impression, Accent could look a tad on the hipster side but we love it and we think you should too. If you end up using the font, all Nelson asks is that you don’t alter it, give credit where it’s due and use it to create some “kick-ass work”. Off you go then!


89. League Script

 League Script
Designed by Haley Fiege, it includes ligatures and will act as the framework for future script designs

Brought to you once again by those folks over at The League of Moveable type comes League Script. A gorgeous rendition of teenage girl’s endless diary entries, League Script offers a sweet alternative to boring body text. Designed by Haley Fiege, it includes ligatures and will act as the framework for future script designs. It’s popularity is apparent; having been downloaded a whopping 71,000 times. How will you use it?


90. Henry

Marta mainly cites the fonts major influence from vintage cars

We at Creative Bloq love a blast from the past and this Henry font couldn’t be more retro if it tried. Created by Polish graphic designer Marta Podkowi?ska, the font was named after Henry Ford and inspired by all things ’60s. Marta mainly cites the fonts major influence from vintage cars, which can be seen in its glorious curvature. Although the font only comes in upper case, we think it would be perfect for headings and titles, and a great chance to test your design abilities.


91. The Pricks

 The Pricks
A brilliant, aptly named typeface by designer Hydro74. Image © Hydro74

We love this simple block font with mean spikes by Orlando-based designer Hydro74 aka Joshua M Smith. The design is just one of many typefaces Hydro74 has come up with. While many of them you have to pay for, the generous designer also has a bunch of brilliant free fonts up for grabs on his site.


92. Bobber

We think it’d look create on an illustration portfolio

More vintage? You bet! Bobber is a classic font developed by Brazilian typograher Lucas Perdido and Russian graphic designer Dmitry Goloub. Described as an “alternative slab serif”, the font is totally free and the guys are happy for you to use it for commercial purposes. We think it’d look create on an illustration portfolio, for those of you that love all things vintage!


93. Lavanderia

Working as a script font, Lavanderia will really work well as a heading type

Created by designer James T. Edmondson, Lavaderia is a charming font that takes influence from the Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District. It comes in a range of open type features and three weights. Working as a script font, Lavanderia will really work well as a heading type as well as being able to slot nicely into the set body text.


94. Sketchtik Light

 Sketchtik Light
Sketchtik echoes chalk boards from the classroom without looking immature

This cute font is taking us back to our school days. Designed byHiekka Graphics founder Ossi Gustafsson, Sketchtik echoes chalk boards from the classroom without looking immature. It’ll give a sense of fun to any design, which could work well for portfolios or branding. The font comes in light, regular, bold and black so there’s plenty of versatility for titles, headings and set body text. (You only get the Light version for free.)


95. Metropolis

Kelava wanted to create his own Art Deco font without being too much of a copycat

It’s no wonder this font has become so popular, thanks to its modern twist on a vintage style. Designed by Australian graphic designer Josip Kelava, Metropolis is influenced by the industrial movement of the 1920s. Kelava wanted to create his own Art Deco font without being too much of a copycat. The result was this bold and daring typeface, perfect for catching your user’s eye. It only comes as capital letters, so it won’t be relevant for set body text. It does however, look amazing on a poster or homepage!


96. Alphageometry

Letterforms were designed using simple geometric shapes in a 10×10 square grid structure guide

Since we’ve given you plenty of upper case fonts, we thought we’d delve a little deeper and focus on the little guys. Alphageometry is a set of simple yet effective decorative typefaces created by Canadian designer Markie Darkie (aka Ferdinand Mark Basa.) Letterforms were designed using simple geometric shapes in a 10×10 square grid structure guide. Please note that the font is in vector format, which means each letterform will need to be hand set and composed. Who knew lower case letters could be so powerful?


97. GRN Burgy

 GRN Burgy
If you don’t want to take yourself too seriously, have a go with GRN Burgy

Created by Italian designer Marco Goran Romano, GRN Burgy is a fun take on early American graffiti. Another big influence on the font is fast food culture, which is reiterated in the ‘shiny’ effects used. If you don’t want to take yourself too seriously, have a go with GRN Burgy. The direct lines combined with extreme curves makes the font ooze creativity. GRN Burgy only comes in capital letters, so it’s only really useful for titles and headings on homepages or posters.


98. SciFly Sans

 SciFly Sans
The SciFly font was created by Tomi Haaparanta

Tomi Haaparanta, the famous and prolific font designer from the Suomi Type Factory, has created a new typeface, commissioned by Flyerzone. Anyone can download and use SciFly Sans within their projects to create a unique style.


99. Glamor

Glamor has a beautiful classical style

Glamor is a free font created by 26-year-old French graphic designer Hendrick Rolandez. Designed in 2013, Glamor includes a set of 24 fonts, from light to bold, with more than 200 unique characters for each font.


100. High Tide

 High Tide
Filipe Rolim is generously sharing his free font High Tide for all to enjoy

Design student Filipe Rolim developed this typeface due his need for having a more alternative font to use in his projects. And now he’s generously offering his design as a free font for all to enjoy.


And that’s it for now! Let us know if we’ve missed your favourite freely-available typefaces, and keep checking back as we update our best free fonts list to ensure it always contains the most relevant typefaces.

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